About Me

Welcome to Homeschool By The Beach! I am so happy you are here! My name is Kelly and I am the mama behind Homeschool by the Beach! I hope you will join us as we explore learning with amazing books, travel, and adventures through our brand new home-state of Florida!

I created Homeschool by the Beach as a way to share homeschooling tips, book reviews, and our Florida explorations with you! I have been so lucky to find some amazing homeschooling blogs that have helped immensely on our journey through homeschooling! I hope that you can find some useful information here as well!

Let me finish off by letting you know a little bit about  ME!  I am a homeschooling Mama to 3 adorable kiddos…Gracie, Sophia, and Max. I am married to an insanely smart structural engineer named Chris. We packed up our life in NH and moved to the beautiful state of Florida. We live on the Gulf Coast and love to spend as much time at the beach as we can. Here are just a few fun facts about me:

1.) I am a book hoarder…obsessed with books…especially picture books…I like the way they look, smell, and feel in my hands…as I tell my husband…it could be worse…it could be shoes!

2.) We are beach bums and love nothing more than having our feet in the sand!

3.) I LOVE strong coffee…only brewed in a french press…and I also love coffee mugs…

4.) I have my Master’s degree in Education

5.) I love traveling and exploring new places

6.) My new favorite past time (aside from smelling, buying, and hoarding books) is kayaking!

Thank you for stopping by Homeschool by the Beach! I look forward to getting to know you! Please feel free to contact me anytime at: homeschoolbythebeach@gmail.com