Teaching Textbooks 4.0- The Perfect Math Program for our Multi-Age Homeschool!

Teaching Textbooks 4.0- The Perfect Math Program for our Multi-Age Homeschool!

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Let’s talk MATH! That little four-letter word can cause so many homeschool parents a whole lot of stress. I will be honest…math is not my favorite subject. I am a word-nerd. Words give me joy. Math…does not give me joy. Teaching math does not give me joy! Teaching math to 3 kids at 3 different grade levels…does not give me joy. I think you get the picture! Something that does give me joy? Having a math program that my kids are THRIVING with that someone else teaches for me! Oh yes, you heard that correctly…someone else teaches AND grades all of our math work!

Teaching Textbooks 4.0 (and Teaching Textbooks in general) has been a game-changer in our homeschool. I am so excited to chat with you about the brand new Teaching Textbooks 4.0 and WHY it is the perfect math program for our multi-age homeschool!

Our Homeschool Math Background

As a Mom of 3 kids at 3 different grade levels, the thought of teaching 3 different levels of math was downright daunting. I did it for our first year of homeschooling and it was just exhausting, frustrating, and time consuming! We spent so much of our morning on math. I would have to tackle prep work, individual instruction with each child, and then bounce back and forth between kids when they got confused. It just wasn’t working. Not only was it stressful for me, but the kids really disliked the program they were using. It wasn’t a great fit and they weren’t experienecing success with their math at all.

Enter Teaching Textbooks. It was a perfect fit from the very beginning. We began first with the books and CD’s and then went right into Teaching Textbooks 3.0 and it truly changed our homeschool dynamic. Suddenly we went from a very parent-heavy math program to a nearly hands-off parent math program. It was amazing. The kids loved the independence of being in charge of their own math, and Mama loved being able to spend time checking in on the kids but not being responsible for every step of instruction! Let’s take a peek at WHAT Teaching Textbooks 4.0 is all about and WHY we love it!

WHAT is Teaching Textbooks 4.0?

Teaching Textbooks 4.0 is an app-based math program that does ALL of the teaching and grading for you! I mean all. of. it. This is a complete and thorough one year math course available in Grades 3 through Pre-Calculus. Now, app-based doesn’t mean it will lack substance. The app gives you access to the full course, it just makes everything so much more accessible!

App-based means that the students now have the ability to have their math on any of their mobile devices; phone, tablet, Chromebooks, laptop etc. My kids do their math on their Chromebooks. They prefer the larger screens and for the most part we do our math at home. But, we LOVE the fact that if we are on the road we can easily access their math anywhere…even offline!

Awesome 4.0 Features

So, what make Teaching Textbooks 4.0 so great? Well, here are some of the key points that we love:

1. Teaching and Grading Completely Done for you:

This is such a key feature for me as a parent of multiple kids. I am now more of an assistant in their math education than the primary responsible party…and I love every second of it. Not only does it foster independence for the kids, but it has greatly reduced my stress with trying to make sure everyone has been taught, helped, and is staying on task. I would also like to embarrassingly state that my daughter who is 14 has surpassed my math skills. I mean, I am sure I knew how to do these math problems at one point…but I haven’t taken Algebra 1 in a long time…let’s not even do the math on THAT one, okay? So, to have someone who KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING be there to teach my kid everyday is just incredible!

2. Overall Course Average:

We have loved the addition of the running course average. It is available at a quick glance for me so that I can see how everyone is doing without having to scroll around and add up every lesson! Such a great addition!

3. Hints:

You guys. Having hints available is just fantastic. Sometimes the kids come across a problem that just stumps them. For whatever reason they just can’t remember how to do it. Sometimes all it takes is a quick hint to jump-start your brain. The hints have been amazing. Just to note, you can control whether you have hints enabled or not. If it isn’t something that you would like to have you can simply disable it!

4. Step-by-Step Audiovisual Solutions:

This is one of my favorite features. Sometimes you get a problem wrong. It happens. Instead of just sending the kids on their way, Teaching Textbooks 4.0 offers immediate solutions and walks your kids through what went wrong and how to do the problem correctly. This has been such a huge help for us.

5. Scratchpad:

A new feature with Teaching Textbooks 4.0 is the Scratchpad! The Scratchpad is an easy way for your student to work out their problems without having to lug pencil and paper everywhere they go! Such a fun feature that really emphasizes the mobile-friendly mentality!

6. Wallpapers, Buddies, and Stickers Oh My:

Let’s add this one under the heading “Things My Kids Love”. Teaching Textbooks 4.0 has really tapped into things kiddos enjoy. Background Wallpapers are fully customizable and new wallpapers can be unlocked! The buddies have been revamped and are so cool and fun. Also, the stickers. Oh, the stickers. They now have some super cool animated stickers which have been a huge hit with my son especially! Anything to get the kids excited and motivated about math, right? Just to note…this is another feature that parents can control. If you have a kiddo that would find this super distracting, you can easily disable! My kiddos have really enjoyed being able to collect the stickers in their sticker books!

7. Affordability:

Curriculum can be insanely expensive. It is even more expensive if you add 3 kids into the mix. Teaching Textbooks 4.0 is a SUPER affordable option for homeschool families. The yearly price for my child taking Pre-Algebra is $67.08, 6th grade is $55.08, and 5th grade is $43.08. Together that is less than some programs charge for one student! So affordable! Teaching Textbooks also offers the ability to pause your course. If you know you are going to need to take a small break for whatever reason, you are able to do that without risk of running out of time. Teaching Textbooks also offers discounts for large families which is a huge bonus! They are also in the process of creating payment plans which will help make it accessible to even more families where upfront cost might be an issue!

For More Info

I want to thank Teaching Textbooks for sponsoring this post and partnering with me to bring this review to you! As always, all of my opinions are my own and I am never required to write a positive review. We have truly LOVED Teaching Textbooks and are so thankful for everything it has done to improve our homeschool math experience!

Did you know you can grab a FREE TRIAL of Teaching Textbooks?? Yep you sure can! Click the link below to check it out!!

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