Learning Spanish in our Homeschool with Rosetta Stone

Learning Spanish in our Homeschool with Rosetta Stone

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My goal for our 2020/2021 school year was to start my kiddos on their journey of becoming Spanish speakers. We have dabbled over the course of the last 4 years, but I was looking for something with more structure that would really immerse them in the Spanish language. Rosetta Stone was exactly what we were looking for! I want to thank Rosetta Stone so much for generously offering us a subscription in exchange for our honest review!

What is Rosetta Stone All About?

If you have looked into foreign language learning, there is a very good chance that you have seen the name Rosetta Stone. It is the number 1 program that I saw when I began researching which program to use with my kids.

Our subscription is 100% online. Each of my children has their own subscription and is able to progress at their own pace. This is huge for a mama of multiple kiddos!

The goal of Rosetta Stone is long-term retention and correct pronunciation. From day one of our subscription, my kids were fully immersed in the Spanish language. They ended the introductory lesson fully able to introduce themselves in Spanish. Instead of spending the first few weeks of lessons memorizing the colors and the alphabet, they are fully immersed in learning to speak the language.

Rosetta Stone offers your child a chance to practice their speech with each lesson and has extremely advanced speech technology. It uses TruAccent® speech technology that not only listens to your child’s speech but also analyzes and corrects it!

Let’s take a quick peek at WHY we love it so much!

Why We Love Rosetta Stone

We began using Rosetta Stone Homeschool almost a year ago. From day one I already knew it was going to be a winner.

As a Mom of 3 kids, I knew I was going to need something that they could all work on independently. The fact that they can each log on to their own page and move at their own pace was key for me. My oldest is 14 and highly motivated so I knew having something that she could do on her own would be key. She has absolutely excelled and loved every second of her Spanish learning. She loves the independence of it, loves that the program helps her correctly pronounce the words, and loves that she is already able to speak in full sentences!

As a Mom, I love that this is something they can do with minimal help from me. Once we got the hang of the program, the kids have not needed my help at all. I am also able to pop on and see how they are progressing. Rosetta Stone offers reporting and monitoring tools that are awesome to help you keep track of progress.

We also LOVED the ability to log in from a computer, tablet, or cell phone. As a family who likes to take off and be on the road, it makes it so easy to access while we are away from home. There is also a feature that allows you to download lessons if you are going to be away from internet. So amazing!

For More Information

Rosetta Stone has many different subscription options and often times there are sales or specials happening. I am going to share some of the current promotions that they have down below!

Each of these current specials is available 4/1 at 12am – 4/30 at 11:59pm ET.

There is a reason that Rosetta Stone has millions of users worldwide…it is a fantastic program that produces incredible results. We will definitely continue on with our Spanish journey with Rosetta Stone. My husband even plans to join in!

Huge thank you to Rosetta Stone for sending us our subscriptions in exchange for my honest review.

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