FREEBIE- Christmas Lights Bingo!

FREEBIE- Christmas Lights Bingo!

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My kiddos are addicted to Christmas lights. We could take them out every night of the week to look at the decorated houses around our neighborhood and I don’t think they would ever tire of it! I thought it would be fun to add a little game to change things up…because I am extra like that! So, this year, we will be doing a little Christmas Lights Bingo. I have created a simple bingo card with some fun things to keep an eye out for while we are driving around. These could easily be laminated so that they can last a little bit longer and/or you can let your kiddos use dry erase markers so they can be used multiple times! I will probably be printing mine on cardstock and laminating to add some sturdiness. I hope you guys have fun!

Download your copy below! Happy Holidays!

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