Our Favorite Energy Bite Recipe- Free Printable!

Our Favorite Energy Bite Recipe- Free Printable!

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Do you have a food that is a staple in your house? For us, it is Energy Bites! The kids make these weekly and the whole family loves them! They are super easy and relatively healthy…I mean…they have chocolate chips…but those are mostly healthy, right? Anyway, they are a recipe that you can easily adapt to suit your family’s needs! I had the opportunity to share a video of my kids and I making them on my IGTV channel this morning…it was so much fun! You can check it out below!

Energy Bite Recipe

The recipe is so simple…if you don’t want to write it all down you can download the free printable attached below! These are so easy to adjust to your family’s needs as well. You can substitute another nut butter in place of peanut butter, skip the coconut if you don’t like it, reduce the chocolate…increase the chocolate…I won’t judge…:)

To watch my kiddos and I make some Energy Bites…and get peanut butter EVERYWHERE…you can click here!

I hope you guys enjoy!

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