Creative Writing Freebie!!

Creative Writing Freebie!!

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Let’s talk about creative writing! We don’t use a fancy or formal creative writing curriculum. We mostly just write. That’s it. Putting ideas onto paper and watching them go! I love seeing where my kids’ imaginations take them! Lately, I have been experimenting with some different creative writing “prompts”. Just some fun ideas for the kids to expand upon. I would love to start sharing some of them with you guys! So, how about a freebie?!? Sound good?

The Door…

So the first prompt I came up with for the kids came about from a story I had written back in Junior High. I know what you are thinking…how on Earth can you even remember back that far? Well, wise guy, I LOVED writing all throughout school and for some reason, some of these stories have stayed with me through all.of.these.many.years. The story prompt is about walking through the woods and coming upon 3 doors. You have to go through one door. Tell us what the door looks like and what you will find on the other side! I have included a printable writing prompt as well as a blank door template. I told my kids they could use my door template to design their door or they could use supplies we had on hand to create something else.

You guys, we had a BLAST with this. I was so impressed with how awesome the doors came out as well as how creative their stories were. They each went on such a different adventure with their stories and it was so fun to see where their imaginations led them!

Free Download

This is my first time attempting to load a freebie onto my site so let’s all hope that I do this correctly. Technology and I are not exactly on speaking terms, ya know?

I hope you guys have fun creating your door! I would love to see it if you do! Tag me on Instagram and I will share it in my stories!!

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