Prevent “Summer Slide” with Daily Summer Activities from Evan-Moor

Prevent “Summer Slide” with Daily Summer Activities from Evan-Moor

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Have you ever heard of the dreaded summer slide? As year-round homeschoolers, it is something we have hoped to avoid. I remember when we first started our homeschooling journey, we had A LOT to re-learn after our summer break! When you aren’t actively putting to use the things you have learned, they tend to slip further back into your mind and it can take a while to dig them out! Daily Summer Activities from Evan-Moor is an INCREDIBLE tool to help fight that learning loss of the summer months! Though we are year-round homeschoolers, we follow a less rigorous summer schedule. Daily Summer Activities is going to be the perfect tool to keep our minds fresh!

Daily Summer Activities Grades 7/8

I was recently given the opportunity to review Daily Summer Activities for Grades 7/8. My oldest is a current 7th grader who will be starting her 8th-grade year this fall. I was so blown away by this book. It was so much more comprehensive than I imagined. Let’s take a peek and see what it is all about!

Daily Summer Activities is a 10-week program that keeps your students brain sharp with only one or two activities a day. As I mentioned, this is such a comprehensive book. Students will be learning Reading, Math, Spelling, Critical Thinking, and Geography. Daily Activities are designed to not only reinforce the skills your child has learned over their past year but prepare them for what is to come in the next year of school.

One of my favorite things about Evan-Moor books is that they are NOT boring! These are gorgeous full-color pages and they are ENGAGING! Your kids will not moan and groan when they work on these pages. They are quick but effective! Each day is only page or half-page which means your child will not get overwhelmed. It is just enough to activate their brain so that learning takes place! We are so excited to begin the activities this summer!

The Layout

As I mentioned, there are 10 weekly sections in this book! Each week your child will have a chance to do the following:

  • Read It– this is a reading comprehension activity that will be either fiction or non-fiction and open-ended questions
  • Spell It– one spelling activity to cover the weeks spelling words
  • Language Lines– language arts activities dealing with grammar and usage
  • Write it Right– an editing activity that focuses on correcting punctuation, grammar, and spelling
  • Vocabulary– vocabulary building activity
  • Math Time– 3 math activities focusing on measurements, word problems, and fractions
  • Geography– map skills!
  • In My Own Words– creative writing
  • Mind Jigglers– critical thinking activity
  • Weekly Record– this is a place where you child can record a memorable moment for the week as well as track reading

Each page is bright, colorful, and engaging. The topics are fun and not boring. The activities offer such a variety of different topics that your child won’t be bored!

Our Thoughts

When we first opened the package from Evan-Moor, my daughter was ready to jump right into the book. It is so inviting! She didn’t want to wait until summer to begin working…and I must say, I think this would be a great book to use during the year as well. It is such a great refresher for what we are learning…and also a great way to discover any gaps in what we might not have covered!

Here are some of the things I love best about Daily Summer Activities:

  • Comprehensive– it covers SO many different topics and in 1 book…huge WIN in my book!
  • Engaging– she isn’t going to dread using this book because it is interesting!
  • Not-Overwhelming– the fact that each day she only has to do about a page of work is amazing. It isn’t a daunting task.
  • Excellent Price Point– only $12.99 for a 144-page book is an incredible value
  • Independent Work– as a mom of 3, I love that these books can be done with minimal help from me.

I cannot recommend Daily Summer Activities enough. Such a wonderful resource to keep your kiddos’ brains fresh over the summer…whether you are a year-round homeschooler or not!

Daily Summer Activities books are available in PreK/K, K/1, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, and 7/8.

For more information and for a complete flip-through of the books you can head over to Evan-Moor’s website here.

Did you know that by ordering on the Evan-Moor website you are able to earn rewards? Click here for more information!

I think you will love Daily Summer Activities…and I think your kiddos will as well. Please feel free to send me a message if you have any questions!

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  • Thank you for sharing this series. It really does look like the perfect resource for summer!

    I just adore all of the full-color activity books from Evan-Moor. My kids have fun with the themes, and I love that they keep learning all year long.

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