Give the Gift of Poetry Tea Time

Give the Gift of Poetry Tea Time

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My kids love Poetry Teatime! If you have been in the homeschooling game for more than a minute you will likely have heard about the fabulosity that is Poetry Teatime! If you haven’t heard of it, never you fear…check out this wonderful description over at the Brave Writer website! Poetry Teatime is the brainchild of the amazing Julie Bogart, creator of Brave Writer!

In an effort to be more mindful with my gift giving this holiday season, I have come up with some practical but hopefully fun gifts for our kids. Since they LOVE Poetry Teatime so much I decided I would create a box of goodies that will add some fun and excitement to our Tuesdays! Let’s start with some new books…because, well…BOOKS!


What would Poetry Teatime be without BOOKS?? As a book hoarder…ahem…book LOVER, I am always finding ways to gift my kids with books!

When I found the first book below I knew it had to come home with us! R is for Rhyme- A Poetry Alphabet is another gem from Sleeping Bear Press. I adore the alphabet books by Sleeping Bear Press for so many reasons…they are beautiful, educational, and SO fun! R is for Rhyme is no different. Each page begins with a different letter of the alphabet that teaches about a specific type of poetry or poetry tool. For example, L is for Limerick and M is for Metaphor. Not only does each letter contain a poem but it also teaches you about the specific poetry tool or style of poem. This is a winner. Absolutely recommend this for anyone learning about poetry!

The next book we will be adding is called Sing a Song of Seasons- A Nature Poem for Each Day of the Year. This book is drool-worthy. If you have been on Instagram you may have seen this book floating around. It is every bit as gorgeous as it looks. The illustrations are lovely and so are the poems. This would be a wonderful addition to Poetry TeaTime as well as any nature studies you may be learning about. Can’t wait for my kids to open this one!

We are also huge fans of silly poetry. Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky are two of our favorites! I am looking forward to adding Be Glad Your Nose is on Your Face. I know it will create tons of laughter!!

Now, this next book isn’t a poetry book at all! My kids LOVE to bake, so I thought a neat addition to our Poetry Teatime gift basket would be a baking cookbook! I know they would love to start making more of our own treats and these books look like they would be awesome additions!


My kids love working with their hands. They always have their hands busy while I am reading. I use to worry that they weren’t paying attention, but I have come to realize that they just love having busy hands! Something I want to add to our Poetry Teatimes is a way for the kids to create poetry with their hands! So this year I have decided to add some magnetic poetry to our table! I found this great little Metal Easel Board by Magnetic Poetry Educational Products…isn’t this adorable??!?

To go with the board I am going to add some fun magnetic poetry kits! Superhero Magnetic Poetry…I mean, come ON! SO cool!!! Space is also going to be a huge hit…and will go along so nicely with our Outer Space Unit!


One of my kids’ favorite parts of Poetry Teatime is drinking out of fancy cups with saucers! It is such a simple thing to do, but one that can completely transform teatime! Here is a set that I have my eye on! I love how small and organized it is!! Who doesn’t love tiny spoons?

Candles! Candles are such a fun addition to Poetry Teatime! It helps set the mood and makes teatime that much more special! Something that I thought would be super fun to do would be to roll your own candles! There are some amazing do-it-yourself Beeswax candle kits out there! I am going to add one as a gift for my kids this year…I know it will be a super fun activity and they will love lighting their own hand made candles!


Some final fun things I plan to add to our Poetry Teatime gift basket are some flavored teas and cocoas. Only one of my kids really enjoys tea, but the other two love to try different types of cocoa! I am going to add some fun flavors like raspberry and mint cocoa into the mix.

You could add a fun tablecloth that only comes out for Poetry Teatime, some cute cloth napkins, and even a pretty serving tray!

Lastly, if you don’t like the idea of a fancy tea set, you could find some fun mugs that fit each of your kiddos interests! Etsy is an amazing place to shop around for personalized gifts! I know my 12-year-old daughter would LOVE a Percy Jackson mug, my 10-year-old would love one with unicorns, and my 7- year- old would love anything superhero!


I am so excited to put this together for my kids…and let’s be honest…this is for me too!


Do your kids love Poetry Teatime?






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