Amazing Artists Week 1- Becoming Picasso!

Amazing Artists Week 1- Becoming Picasso!

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Welcome to the first installment of our Amazing Artists unit!! I am so excited to get started! Like many of the other projects we do in our homeschool, I let the kids vote on the first artist ¬†we would study. It was unanimous…which almost NEVER happens in my house! All 3 kiddos voted for Pablo Picasso. There is just something about his brightly colored artwork with its distorted faces that intrigues them! We had the best time studying his artwork and discussing what we saw in his paintings…lots of room for interpretation! So let’s jump right in!


We began our Picasso unit by reading Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists- Pablo Picasso. We stopped at each section and talked about the paintings and let each kiddo point out different things. After finishing our reading we jumped straight into our first YouTube Video! We made Picasso dogs!! I will note that the artist in the video used paints. My paints were on order so we used crayons! Still turned out so adorable!!

We then moved on to a really fun “Game” that I found on Pinterest! It was called “Roll-A-Picasso”…it will link you to Pinterest, from there it will link to the Facebook page of ArtekSF. Here you can go through their images and find and print the paper. This was SO much fun!



Our last project came directly from The Usborne Art Treasury. We read about Picasso from the book and then made our own versions of his Punchinello with a Guitar. This was so much fun…I love how different all of the pieces came out! We enjoyed the mixed media aspect to this piece…adding cut paper to our painting gave a very cool collage effect!

Our final project was to assemble our very own Art Gallery at home! We mounted some of our masterpieces on card stock to add a little extra pizzazz! The kids were so proud of their artwork and couldn’t wait for Daddy to get home!

I hope you enjoyed our Picasso lessons! Please join us again when we discover the genius of Jackson Pollock!



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