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Hands-On Fun with STEM Lessons & Challenges from Evan-Moor

Hands-On Fun with STEM Lessons & Challenges from Evan-Moor

I will be the first to admit that STEM is not my favorite area to teach. If you were to ask me which subjects I do not excel at, I would tell you, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math…STEM! Give me all the books, grammar, art, […]

Learn All About North America with Evan-Moor

Learn All About North America with Evan-Moor

It is no surprise that I am a huge fan of Evan-Moor products! They are consistently my go-to materials for homeschooling. As I planned for our geography unit this year I was so excited to stumble upon The 7 Continents series! We will be learning […]

Improve Cursive with Evan-Moor’s Daily Handwriting Practice

Improve Cursive with Evan-Moor’s Daily Handwriting Practice

I am a big fan of cursive writing! I started both of my girls with cursive writing right around third grade and they love it! This year my son will be in third and he can’t wait to start learning cursive. I wanted to have some daily practice sheets that I could use in conjunction with our current handwriting curriculum and Evan-Moor’s Daily Handwriting Practice book was a great fit!

Peek Inside Daily Handwriting Practice

So, what exactly is Daily Handwriting Practice? Daily Handwriting Practice is a workbook that covers 36 weeks of daily practice. The pages are quick and straightforward and are an amazing way to reinforce proper letter formation. The lessons follow a 5 day a week plan. Monday through Thursday consists of half-page worksheets which give the students a chance to practice writing letters, words, and sentences. On Friday the students will have a full page to complete which gives them a chance to practice at greater length.

Something that really sets Daily Handwriting Practice apart from other practice books that I have seen is that the items being written also teach other information. For example, students could be writing sentences about Geography, Months of the Year, Grammar, or even Animals. It is useful information! In week 7, for example, the students will be learning about the 7 continents. One of their sentences says, “The Earth has seven major continents.” This is information that teaches them right along with practicing and reinforcing handwriting.

The Pros and Cons

I absolutely love this book. It is exactly what I was looking for in a daily practice book for my kids. I wanted something that they could use along with their current handwriting program that would reinforce what they were learning. This completely fits the bill! I LOVE the half-page format because it is a quick and easy sheet that doesn’t overwhelm them. I love the content. The fact that they are learning interesting facts and information while practicing their handwriting is fantastic. They are not just writing fluff sentences like, “I have a dog” over and over again. The topics are interesting. I love how each week has a theme. For example week 18 is all about Owls. Each day will teach a different owl related fact while also reinforcing letter formation, placement, and spacing!

As a mom of 3 kids who are all using or learning cursive, this is such an incredible value. I can use one book and reproduce every page/half-page for each kid…saves so much money! The pages are black and white as well which saves on ink!

The only thing that I would have liked to see would be a little more in the way of individual letter practice at the beginning. There was some and it was a perfect refresher for my girls. However, for my son who is just learning, I think he needed a little bit more. But, as I said, we are using it in conjunction with our other handwriting program so it wasn’t a problem for us at all!

For More Information

To see a complete flip-through of Daily Handwriting Practice, you can head right over to Evan-Moor’s website by clicking here.

Daily Handwriting Practice is just one of MANY Daily Practice books from Evan-Moor. For a review of Daily 6-Trait Writing, you can check out this blog post.

Daily Handwriting Practice is also included in your TeacherFileBox membership!!! To read about why I LOVE TeacherFileBox click here.  Or head right over to TeacherFileBox to get a FREE 30-day trial!!

Daily Handwriting Book

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Evan-Moor How to Teach Art to Children Review

Evan-Moor How to Teach Art to Children Review

How to Teach Art to Children is another incredible resource from Evan-Moor! I am consistently so impressed by the quality of the educational resources that Evan-Moor produces, and this book is no exception! If you are a homeschooler or a parent that is looking for […]

Evan-Moor Daily 6-Trait Writing Review

Evan-Moor Daily 6-Trait Writing Review

I am so excited to be sharing another amazing resource from Evan-Moor with you! At this point, you may have guessed that I adore Evan-Moor products. They are so educational, reasonably priced, and my kids LOVE them! These are all amazing things, right? So I […]

Learning All About Non-Fiction with Evan-Moor’s Literature Pockets!

Learning All About Non-Fiction with Evan-Moor’s Literature Pockets!


As a long time user of Evan-Moor’s History Pockets, I was so excited to have the chance to review their Literature Pockets! Let me tell you…they did not disappoint! The book that I have chosen to review is Literature Pockets: Non-Fiction for grades 4-6.

If you are not familiar with Evan-Moor’s History Pockets or Literature Pockets, you must check them out! They are amazing resources for homeschool families! There are SO many different topics. I am currently also using History Pockets: Colonial America and just finished with History Pockets: Explorers!

So, What ARE Literature Pockets??

Literature Pockets are an amazing combination of activities and hands-on resources that your students will create and compile into a pocket filled book! Each pocket will pertain to a specific subject within the topic…in this case, Non-Fiction. When your kiddos complete their Literature Pockets they are left with an absolutely wonderful portfolio of their work! We have absolutely loved the pockets we have done and highly recommend them! They are such an amazing showcase of your students’ hard work and knowledge of the subject!

A Look Inside Literature Pockets – Non-Fiction

The Non-Fiction Literature Pockets are designed to help you and your students learn about the Dewey Decimal System as well as many categories of non-fiction. Can I be honest? I had completely forgotten how the Dewey Decimal System works! As avid readers and users of our public library, this is wonderful information to learn! My kiddos are also huge non-fiction buffs, so learning how the different categories are organized was so helpful.

Our Non-Fiction Literature Pocket is divided into 12 categories that your kiddo will turn into their pockets. The 12 pockets they will make are:

  1. Finding Information in the Library
  2. People
  3. Religion and Myths
  4. Folklore
  5. Language
  6. Nature and Animals
  7. Mathematics
  8. Science and Technology
  9. Arts, Sports, and Recreation
  10. Poetry and Plays
  11. History and Travel
  12. Biographies

In the interest of full disclosure…we are still in the middle of creating our Literature Pockets! We have been taking our time and exploring lots of books along the way!

But, I want to share with you some of the awesome things we have been making!

Finding Information in the Library

This pocket was SO much fun! We began by making our booklet all about Melvil Dewey and the Dewey Decimal System. After learning about how the numbers worked we began searching for some books on our library’s online search system. We then took our lesson to the library and searched for the books by using the library call numbers! This was so fun! We had discussed how to search for fiction titles by the authors last name but had never discussed how to search for non-fiction books!

My daughter Sophie chose to learn about Amelia Earhart. As part of the project, she was able to create a booklet all about Amelia Earhart and wrote a paragraph about her and whether or not she was a hero. Such an awesome activity! We are planning to do this again in the future because it is a great biography and writing exercise!

Some of the other projects that are included in the Non-Fiction Literature Pockets are: creating an accordion book to retell a myth (my Greek Myth loving daughter is eager to do this project next), creating an alphabet book, making a pop-up book about animal habitats, and so many more!

Using Literature Pockets with Multiple Children

My kids are in 6th grade, 4th grade, and 2nd grade. I LOVE Evan-Moor Literature and History Pockets because I can easily use them with all three grade levels. Even though this particular pocket was geared for 4th-6th grade I was able to very easily adjust the work so that my 2nd-grade son could join in with us. For example, when we created the pocket I posted above, he and I worked on reading the book together and he wrote a shorter paragraph than his sisters. Any unit or lesson that I can use for ALL 3 kids is such an amazing thing in my book! We try to do as many units together as we can together because there are only so many hours in the day!


For More Information

We have enjoyed creating our Literature Pockets and once we have the finished product I will share pics here! I think these are a wonderful fit for homeschool families who love to do projects together and are eager to learn more about non-fiction!

For more information on Evan-Moor’s Literature Pockets: Non-Fiction you can simply click here! There are many more Literature Pockets available, including another one we are working on: Caldecott Winners!!

To read more about my favorite products from Evan-Moor you can click the links below!

Skill Sharpeners Geography

Reading Comprehension Fundamentals

Building Math Fluency



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A Review of Evan-Moor’s Reading Comprehension Fundamentals Grade 6

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