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Amazing Artists – Introduction to our Unit Study!

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I am so excited to share a brand-new Art unit that I have been working on!! Do you have children that love creating art? I know I do! My kids are obsessed with all things art! Whenever they have a free minute they can be found destroying my house creating masterpieces! Because of their love of art, we have a very art rich curriculum. I try to integrate art into so many of our daily subjects. I love seeing them show their grasp of a subject by creating something with their hands!

I wanted to add something more into the mix. I wanted to have a dedicated art curriculum where we would learn about art, art history, and famous artists. How fun would it be to learn about Picasso and then have a chance to create your own Picasso-style masterpiece?? Well, stick around, because we are about to find out!

Enter this amazing book…The Usborne Art Treasury. I adore this book…seriously…I hear angels singing when I open it. This was the starting point for my unit. Throughout this book, they teach us about different artists and each artist will have a hands-on project to go along with it. Exactly what I was looking for.

In addition to my beloved Art Treasury book I discovered a wonderful series of books on famous artists by author/illustrator Mike Venezia. Fan-tastic books! These are written for young minds. They are so easy to understand but full of amazing information about the artists’ life, their art style, and many photos of their artwork. Not only do I love these books, but my kids do too!

Lastly, I turned to YouTube. Now, I am what you would call “crafty” …an artist I am not! I knew that I wanted to incorporate more than one piece of artwork for each artist and for that I would need some serious help! YouTube is an amazing resource…I found a ton of wonderful instructional videos on creating art. I can’t wait to share them all with you!

So, what’s next? Well, I am glad you asked! Every 2 weeks I will be sharing a unit on a different artist. I will share the books I used, the art supplies needed, links to the YouTube Videos, and our finished projects! These are designed for you to go at your own pace. If your kids become enthralled with a particular artist and want to learn more…then go for it!

So, in addition to creating our masterpieces, we have also created an art gallery in our home. We have dedicated a wall that will serve as our gallery. It will feature the art we create based on the particular artist we are learning about. Once we move onto the next artist we will start from scratch!

In addition to the gallery wall, we have also created a timeline of great artists! We thought it would be fun to show the time the artists lived in relation to one another…and Mama loves timelines 🙂

So…without further ado…our very first artist will be Pablo Picasso! Please join us as we create some zany and brightly colored art in the style of one of the greatest artists of all time…Picasso! Stay tuned…

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Amazing Artists Week 2- Becoming Jackson Pollock

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Much like Pablo Picasso, my kids were so intrigued by the works of Jackson Pollock! They absolutely love seeing his artwork…it is so full of splatters, splashes, and drips of paint! We couldn’t wait to jump right in and get started!! This week I was so excited to have found an amazing YouTube video! This video serves as an awesome look into the life of Pollock…complete with a tour through his NY home. My kids were so excited that we could see the floor of the barn that he once worked on…it is still covered in splashes and blobs of paint. It is like a work of art itself! So, lets begin Week 2!

Here’s what you’ll need:

The Usborne Art Treasury

Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists– Jackson Pollock by Mike Venezia

-Paper, brushes of various sizes, paint (we used watercolors and tempera), yarn, marbles, and a box or tin pan to roll marbles in!

Like all of our artist units, we begin by reading the book by Mike Venezia. I just adore these books. The kids love seeing the pictures and learning about the artists in a way they can understand.

We then jumped right in to this amazing video…watch straight through the end for an amazing art project  the kids on the video complete…and also a smaller scale project you can do right at home!! This video was seriously impressive…the creator even gives a lesson on paint viscosity! We LOVED it! We had a blast playing with different thicknesses of paint!!


For our next project we watched another YouTube video!! We were SO excited to try this next project…because it involved paint and MARBLES! This was a blast and we absolutely LOVE how our pieces turned out! Thought Pollock didn’t work with marbles himself, we were able to create very Jackson-esque paintings this way!

Here is the marble painting YouTube video:











Our next project was also done after watching a YouTube video, SURPRISE! 😉 We watched the following video and created our own masterpieces by using YARN dipped in  paint! Again, not a medium that Pollock used, but was such a fun way to create some interesting lines and dribbles that were very “Pollock-esque”

Our final project came directly from The Usborne Art Treasury! This was a super fun lesson on splattering…we made a MESS! I highly recommend newspapers and smocks for this part! Thank goodness for washable tempera paint! Usborne Art Treasury, Pollock, Paint

Some of our finished pieces…:)

Homeschool art, pollock, gallery


Stay tuned for our next amazing artist…Paul Klee! Have fun and happy painting!!!



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Discount School Supply for your Artsy Needs!

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As a homeschool Mom, I always love hearing about tips, tricks, favorite supplies, and deals from other homeschoolers! I have found some of my favorite things based on the recommendations of others. So, I want to share with YOU my go-to online supplier of all things artsy!

When I was planning my first year of homeschooling I discovered Discount School Supply. I was busily ordering catalogs from any and every source I could get my hands on. When the catalog from Discount School Supply arrived I was excited to see what a wide variety of art supplies they had! Great selection and all different sizes to choose from. So I decided to place a small order to check them out! I ordered several liquid watercolors and some watercolor paper. They shipped extremely fast! Unfortunately when I opened my package, one of the bottles of liquid watercolor had leaked and gotten all over that bottle and seeped into the top several pieces of watercolor paper. I sent out a quick email just to let them know and to see if I could get the watercolor paper replaced. I received an immediate response asking which color leaked and which paper I had purchased. They were extremely apologetic and I had a brand new package of paper and a new bottle of watercolor within just a few days. That is A+ service in my book!

They carry very high quality products at really good prices! I just placed another order and was able to find a coupon code to save $10. You can even earn free shipping on all orders of $99 or more! Who doesn’t love free shipping?!?!

I am so excited for my new order to come in…they carry my favorite liquid watercolors, Colorations (stay tuned for another post about these!). I wasn’t able to find these paints on Amazon…which is my go-to for most things…I am an Amazon Prime addict. I was so happy to see that Discount School Supply not only had them, but at a really great price. So many sizes and SO many colors!

I will absolutely continue to use this company in the future…great products and wonderful customer service…that’s a winning combination in my book!

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Amazing Artists Week 1- Becoming Picasso!

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(The following links go to my personal Usborne Books & More website, as a consultant I do receive commission on purchases)

Welcome to the first installment of our Amazing Artists unit!! I am so excited to get started! Like many of the other projects we do in our homeschool, I let the kids vote on the first artist  we would study. It was unanimous…which almost NEVER happens in my house! All 3 kiddos voted for Pablo Picasso. There is just something about his brightly colored artwork with its distorted faces that intrigues them! We had the best time studying his artwork and discussing what we saw in his paintings…lots of room for interpretation! So let’s jump right in!


We began our Picasso unit by reading Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists- Pablo Picasso. We stopped at each section and talked about the paintings and let each kiddo point out different things. After finishing our reading we jumped straight into our first YouTube Video! We made Picasso dogs!! I will note that the artist in the video used paints. My paints were on order so we used crayons! Still turned out so adorable!!

We then moved on to a really fun “Game” that I found on Pinterest! It was called “Roll-A-Picasso”…it will link you to Pinterest, from there it will link to the Facebook page of ArtekSF. Here you can go through their images and find and print the paper. This was SO much fun!



Our last project came directly from The Usborne Art Treasury. We read about Picasso from the book and then made our own versions of his Punchinello with a Guitar. This was so much fun…I love how different all of the pieces came out! We enjoyed the mixed media aspect to this piece…adding cut paper to our painting gave a very cool collage effect!

Our final project was to assemble our very own Art Gallery at home! We mounted some of our masterpieces on card stock to add a little extra pizzazz! The kids were so proud of their artwork and couldn’t wait for Daddy to get home!

I hope you enjoyed our Picasso lessons! Please join us again when we discover the genius of Jackson Pollock!



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