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Summer Bucket List!

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Summer has arrived!! Well, it has been here for quite some time in the Sunshine State, but today is officially the first day of summer! There is just something about summer…lazy mornings, trips to the beach, barbecues, ice cream cones…ahhh I just love it!

But boy does summer FLY BY! Every year we have so many wonderful plans, but September rolls around and we just stare at each other wondering what happened! This year? This year, we are taking a different approach! We decided to put things in writing!! For me, putting things in writing seriously ups my accountability!! Not to mention, broadcasting it across social media…we wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone, right? SO, this year we sat down as a family and created our very own…


Can I just tell you how totally excited I am about this?? Kid on Christmas morning excited…brand new book excited…paid for a Grande but got a Venti excited…ya know? Why am I so excited? Well, first of all…its such a pretty list! I used fabulous colors…and I doodled…I.LOVE.DOODLES! Second, look at all of those fun-tastic possibilites. There is a lot of fun packed into one piece of paper! Lastly, I get to do these things with my 4 favorite people in the world! These will be new adventures for us! We have only lived in Florida for 5 months, so pretty much everything we do is a new and exciting experience!

So, without further ado…here is our Summer 2017 Bucket List!!

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This list was a BLAST to make!!! The kids and I sat down during what should have been our poetry tea time and discussed everything that we wanted to accomplish over the summer. Even though we plan to work on school work through the summer, we still plan to have TONS of fun and see lots of new things!! Some of these things are pretty easy…things we do quite frequently, like make homemade ice cream and pizza on the grill. Other things will definitely take some time…like visiting at least 5 Florida State parks! We tried to keep things within reach this year…for example when my daughter suggested going to Disneyland, I had to reign that one back in…as I know we have zero chance to get to California this summer. She was satisfied with going to Animal Kingdom here in FL…phew! 🙂

So, do you have a summer bucket list? What sort of things will ya’ll be doing? I am starting to work on my Momma version of a summer bucket list…I have SO many books I want to read and things I want to create…I had better get it down on paper before the summer passes me by! I would LOVE to hear your ideas and see your lists!! Happy planning!!

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